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Outbound Cyber Monday Sale!

Outbound #2 cover art by Marcello Buchelli

Outbound #2 (+Digital #1)

River Bird Comics

by The Boston Comics Roundtable +

Edited by Roho.

120 pages ~ $10 | Black and White | 5.5 x 8.5 inches

New ongoing stories premiering alongside continuing chapters of fan favorite stories from the first issue. Featuring new stories:"The New Kid" by Dan Mazur, with chapter cover by Roho; "The Fallout Parade" by Jesse Lonergan; "Frequency: Breaking the Law of Gravity" by David Alluisi and Brian Boyles, with chapter cover by Jason Baroody; "Robot 11-Three" by Kevin Kilgore, with chapter cover by Chris Ring; "Alkehine's Gun" by Joel Gill and "Driftwood" by Morgan Pielli. Returning stories include: "Space and Time" by Josh Mills, Michael Paoloni, David Marshall, and Roho, with issue cover by Marcello Buchelli; "The Caerulean Dream" by Roho and Kevin Zimmerman, with chapter cover by Randy Valiente; "The Null Device" by David Marshall; "Flek" by Erik Heumiller; "Scientists Gone Wild" by Eric Boeker; and "Black Fuska" by Roho, Dave Myers, and Steve Willhite, with chapter cover by Paul Marquis. Also includes prose fiction: "Tin Cans and a String" by Patrick J. Flaherty, with art by Furman.

Includes a Digital Copy of Outbound #1!

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MoCCA 2010

This upcoming weekend I will be at MoCCA (New York) showing a preview of Outbound #2 as well as selling Inbound #4 (Also featuring a story drawn by me and written by Lindsay Moore) and a lot of upper quality Mini-Comics by the various talented member of the Boston Comics Roundtable.

Also if you are around Boston, Outbound Executive Producer Eric Boeker and PR wiz Jaime Garmendia will be showing around the same exclusive Preview (of Outobund #2) as well as handling promotional material. Look for the Boston Comics Roundtable at the Boston Comic Con (click for more info).

So it will be a busy weekend I leave you with a random very unrelated sketch.

Outbound Series: Mark and the Gillys

A little sketch of Aya's Characters from "Mark and the Gillys" (formerly known as "Mark and the Aliens)for more info go to Aya's Website.

Outbound Series: The Caerulean Dream

Outbound Series: Black Fuska, Two for One

This is a unused cover for the Black Fuska Part 1 (available one in Outbound #1). Featuring the main character: Esteban Quito.

This is a character study for Part 2 (coming soon in Outbound #2)
The characters are (left to right) Don Figueroa, Esteban and Ananda.
Part 2 of Black Fuska will be drawn by Dave Myers (Ballpoint) with inks by Steeve White (Steev).


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