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Last Update!

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This blog will probably not be updated any time in the future.
I have moved on to other platforms, where ever there is social media you can probably find us.
The main sites are up top. I will include an extensive list after the break of all active sites and published work. Thank you for following this site all those years, let me know if you have any questions.

- Roho


An existential western comics about rage, life and the origins of consciousness.
This is the second title on the "Moody Melodies" Series that started with the minicomic titled "El Oso".

3x6 inches. Monotone Risograph on Newsprint. Stamped Cover.

ART & STORY by Roho.
Inspired by the song "Thirteen" by Glenn Danzig as performed by Johnny Cash.


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Hellbound V: Press Release

Hellbound V: End of Comics Marks the End of an Era

BOSTON, September 22 - The Boston Comics Roundtable, in conjunction with River Bird Comics, is pleased to announce the publication of Hellbound V: End of Comics. Aptly themed, this will be the final installment in a series of original horror comics anthologies from some of Boston’s most celebrated creators. No fear or phobia will be left unprovoked. 

Debuting on October 4th at the fifth annual Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE), Hellbound V will also be available at select local comics shops and conventions. This limited edition, 9 by 5 inch, two-tone Risograph printed run, geared toward “Mature Readers”, will feature seven stories and two fold-out pages, boasting a roster of familiar names and new contributors, alike. 

Hellbound series creator Roho will resume his role as designer and publisher. Stephen Cartisano, who has had a hand in every Hellbound release since the New England Art Award nominated Volume II: Box of Evil, returns as Editor. Returning contributors include Dan Mazur (Comics: A Global History), Ellen T. Crenshaw (Nobodies Volume II, Womanthology), Alison Burke and Tara Harris (A.R.R.O.), Patrick FlahertyE.J. Barnes (Tales of the Ling, An Invitation to the World of Luisa Felix), and Clayton McCormack (Dead Meat, Heavy Metal Magazine). Joining them for the first time on this volume are Gary Bonesteel (Killer Ink Comics), Ben Doane (Subcultures), and Brenton Barnes (Bartkira, Mister Reusch’s Black and White Illustration Book).

The Hellbound series has received much critical acclaim, having grown “increasingly stylish in presentation,” according to Rob Clough of High-Low. Katy England, of The Maine Edge, deemed Volume IV: GULP! to be “well worth adding to any collection,” while Brigid Alverson of Robot 6 marveled at the “impressive craftsmanship” contained within its pages. 

Featuring illustrations by Dan Moynihan (Nickelodeon Magazine, Heeby Jeeby Comix), and up and comer Jerel Dye(Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, Pigs Might Fly), Hellbound V: End of Comics promises to end the series with a bang... and perhaps some whimpering, too.

For additional information about this edition and upcoming events, please visit
For any inquiries or to solicit a preview copy please contact

Pre-Order Hellbound V here!

POST: Submission Guidelines


  • Would you survive the apocalypse? 

  • How do you think a day on your life would be when all the technology and infrastructure of the modern world are suddenly and violently taken away? 

  • How about 10 years into this world?

  • If you have answers put them in the form of a comic book and mail it to River Bird Studios the most interesting entries will be published on an upcoming anthology to be published by River Bird Comics (Outbound, Hellbound).

  • There is NO format, size, page length or RESTRICTIONS.

  • NO EMAIL submissions

  • We encourage the creators to reflect the world of the story on the printed presentation of the story.

  • Do NOT mail original art.

  • The selected stories will receive a FREE copy of the Anthology and will be able to buy more copies at cost.

    Post by Deadline: June 1, 2013.-
    More about POST here!

    Hellbound and Darkness

    Hellbound III: DARKNESS Press Release
    Boston Comics Roundtable Unleashes Hellbound III: Darkness Anthology of Horror Comics

    BOSTON, September 24—The Boston Comics Roundtable, in partnership with River Bird Comics, is pleased to announce the publication of “Hellbound III: Darkness,” an anthology of all-new horror comics by artists and writers from greater Boston.

    The Art Edition of Hellbound III: Darkness will debut on September 29 at the third annual Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE), and be available at selected comics shops in the region and online. The Art Edition, at 8.5 x 11 inches, features black and white art with a wraparound full color cover nearly a yard long, designed by Roho and featuring art by Jerel Dye. Following this initial printing, a regular edition will be available at local comic stores, shows, and online.

    The Boston Comics Roundtable’s annual Hellbound collections have won the praise of many comics critics. Roz Young at Sequential Tart called last year’s edition “a wonderful set of frighteningly fiendish stories.” Brigid Alverson at Robot 6 wrote, “The craftsmanship in this volume is impressive.” Jen Vaughn of the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont called the collection “perfect for the horror fan.” That edition, Hellbound II, was nominated for a New England Art Award in the category of best book.

    Hellbound III: Darkness continues in the same horrifying tradition with eleven chilling tales that examine the darkness that lies within all of us. These gruesome narratives feature some of New England’s best artists and writers. Tak Toyoshima, creative director at Dig Publishing, offers a quick taste of zombies. Poet and “horror burlesque” impresario Janaka Stucky teams with tattoo artist Josh Wallis for a story set in a mortuary. Lindsay Moore, Donna Martinez, and Joey Peters explore the dark side of high-school overachievers. Even baseball gets the horror treatment in “America’s Pastime” by Stephen Cartisano and Ellen T. Crenshaw.

    The creators work in a variety of styles. Kimball Anderson’s “No, He Can Come” uses totally black backgrounds while James the Vampire’s art may look light and airy but hides terror underneath. Jacob Oley and Gregery Miller collaborate on a nightmarish character sketch named “Vimshaw.” Alison Burke and Tara Harris of explore the woods at night. Joshua D. Hoaglund’s “Vengeance” and Adrian Rodriguez’s “Pedestrian” are both nearly wordless, with one story taking place on a whaling ship and the other in a modern city. Jon Clark’s “Void” closes out the volume with the chilling words of a love too far.

    The editorial team for Hellbound III included Jerel Dye as story editor and Kyle Anderson as art editor with supplied additional illustrations by Gregery Miller and Roho. This volume was designed and produced by Roho, owner/publisher of River Bird Comics and creator of Hellbound.

    The Art Edition of “Hellbound III: Darkness” costs $25.00 and it’s available for preorder here.
    Please contact the publisher to receive an advance preview/ review copy.

    I will be also premiering a mini-comic titled Darkfull that will be included with
    the Art Edition of Hellbound III, you can buy a digital version @Gumroad.

    Darkfull by Roho and Jamie Hibdon.

    MECAF 2 pager

    Check out this 2 page exercise I drew while tabling at MECAF a couple of weeks ago at ROHOisROUGH. Is being posted one panel at the time, you can start from the link (or click on the pic) and work your way to today. If you like it take the time and let me know what you think. Coming after that some sketches and previews for a couple of upcoming stories.


    Glory (Rob Liefeld's Glory from Image Comics ) for this week's Sketch Challenge (@Ten Ton Studios) he is riding a Leaping Mole... that is a real thing right? I have been using Borden & Riley's #120 Bristol Plate (Smooth) is pretty good for inking and markers. For Ink I used a Rotring Art Pen Extra Fine and a Sanford Extra Fine Point Marker, mostly for the Mole Skin and contour.

    Week 5

    This Week's Characters are: Jean Grey, Catwoman, The Thing, Cyclops and Judge Dredd. Next week was going to be 80's Teenagers but after spending half an hour looking at references of Sean Penn I decided against it so keep eye out, there will be some doodles coming out everyday.

    Week 4

    Villains Week! Featuring:
    The Joker (DC Comics New 52), Dr. Doom (Future Foundation), Lex Luthor (also New 52 or  DC Nü), Mystique (recently resuscitated) and Magneto (Wicked old version).

    Week 1

    Not Quite a Dancer a Day!

    Project: A.R.C.A.D.E.

    Blade Runner

    This is for this week's Ten Ton Studios Sketch Challenge, no likeness as you can see, but I wanted to do a poster that gave you a hint of what the movie is about. Brush on bristol board ( Joe Kubert School 11x17) with same brushes as the last one and used some generic Pen  & Ink (No-Shellac India Black) it was worse than Calli, so the search continues.


    I'm back to the drawing board! After a few months of not finding the right frame of mind to draw in a satisfying way, just doodles here and there. I have two projects that I want to get done, both short stories. If you follow this blog there has been samples here and there but they remain largely on the planing stages.

    First of "13" inspired by a song same as "El Oso" it's a surreal western about anger, violence and a troubled existence. Sharing the first place in importance and focus it's "The Middle Finger" a super-hero parody. Both have the potential to continue or at least to plague my sketchbooks with glimpses of future adventures but the main objective it's to do that first chapter and show what they are all about. Under this two big projects there is a potpourri of equally promising premises both new and old: "Wicker and Thorn" have been dusted off to a very promising first page on Writer's Night. "Outlaw Pizza" yells at me every morning asking for a conclusion to the first chapter, "The Caerulean Dream" slowly slumbers it's way in, while "Black Fuska" floats aimlessly in limbo. I slowly chip away at this "less" important projects (not because their lack of quality, more of a dragging by weight of importance). And buried under all this clutter of creative noise it's "Walixce" and umbrella of sorts not unlike "Moody Toones" in which to explore folk tales and/or (depending on your definition of each) legends from the country I was born in, Uruguay. "Walicxe" it's the word for spell or curse, a word of Charrua origin, the lost natives of  the west of river of birds land.

    In the picture above drawn on a 11x14 sheet of Bristol Paper (Borden and Riley #120p Bristol Plate to be more precise) drawn on pencil and inked with a pair of Princeton round brushes (#2 and #6) on Calli ink (Jet Black India 010) represents the three stories that I am most excited to render on comic book form: "La Mano Negra", "El Lobizon" and "La Luz Mala", don't worry there will be translations for this titles in one way or another.

    My other objective with this piece was to streamline my page process, a warm up of sorts in to getting back in to the groove. While preparing I tried a couple of different ideas on pencil (using a 2B thick graphite stick on a led holder) to loosely work the composition and get a piece interesting enough to keep my interest during the inking process. It did not needed to be perfect but to be a piece worth of the ink I used. After a couple of aborted attempts (a Middle Finger #1 possible cover and a Punisher: River of Blood trade cover idea that is badly needed) I decided that an idea that was fully mature in my head will be the best choice to complete this personal challenge.

    Deviating for my usual process and following Jesse's advice I decided to redraw the image on the Bristol board as opposed to tracing it or transferring it. The results I think are very competent, far from perfect it was smooth sailing the redrawing helped me not to transfer initial errors to the final image and work out better options in composition. The paper was great to take a light (4h) pencil with out too much denting and very pleasing to the inking with brush, the brushes behave great, precise but loose, the ink however while flowing correctly lacks the covering I wanted, all fixable in post the lack of solidity made it a thing to figure out next time, hopefully soon.

    Shanna: The She Devil

    For this week's Challenge I decide to go with a more practical approach in lieu of a pin-up. Click to see the original. And go to Ten Ton Studios to see all the other excellent entries and vote!

    Spider-Man 2.0 Project Rooftop

    Click picture above to see all Character Sheets.
    It's good that Marvel is currently trying to inject some diversity on to their characters. However there is one minority, one group of oppressed and currently forgotten people that has never has been treated with any respect. (Except for Grant Morrison)

    Fade to Black and White, cigarette smoke and tight voice...

    I present to you this peculiar situation: A young man, high school years known as Peter Parker, falls in the sewers on his way to a science show, maybe about spiders, is not important because he never makes it, was found by the mutant group commonly referred as the Morlocks.

    Pause, inhales cigarette smoke:

    Long believed to be extinct their numbers were not what the used to be in order to ad to the ranks they will activate the dormant mutant gene of any person they encounter. Unfortunately for Peter with great powers comes great disfigurement.

    After coming to terms with his new situation Peter lives a double life as an introverted, and odd looking teenager who is starting to develop a disturbing obsession with a red headed classmate by the name of Mary Jane Watson and a underground dweller mutant in search for a cure for his spider themed condition.

    Short story: Spiderman by way of the movie The Fly.

    See rules and other entries soon here:
    Project: Rooftop

    Hellboy: Re-Covered

    This week's Ten Ton Studios: Sketch Challenge is a cover recreation of a Hellboy Comic.
    The art on right is the digital version of my all hand drawn and colored version (click to see) of this challenge's entry. My inspiration was this cover by Francesco Francavilla (left). He is a great cover and interior artist that has worked both on Detective Comics and Black Panther: Man with out Fear (simultaneously!). Both his line art and coloring where inspiration for this cover, the color part is kind of last post scanner, but I tried to regain it on the digital version. As a bonus I used my "Mexican Hellboy" (El Vato Infernal) that I designed for another Hellboy related challenge as an insert on the bottom.

    BPRD: Western

    The latest Ten Ton Studios Sketch Challenge it's B.P.R.D. Western Style. It was a lot of fun to draw Mike Mignola's creations on a western flavor. The one I had the most fun was Hellboy I decided to go Mexican complete with big mustache, sombrero and poncho. If I had to cast the movie Danny Trejo will play the part.


    An indie comics this week: Officer Downe created by fellow Ten Toner Chris Burnham (now on Batman and Robin) and Man of Action writer Joe Casey. Go to Ten Ton Studios to see a gallery of all the other great entries and click on picture to see the inks on this entry.

    LOBO vs Wolverine

    This week's challenge is the main man (Lobo) this challenge was fun to ink, I inked it with a brush on 14x17 bristol paper. Click on the picture to see the inks. Go to Ten Ton Studios to see the rest of the entries and vote tomorrow.


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