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It's good that Marvel is currently trying to inject some diversity on to their characters. However there is one minority, one group of oppressed and currently forgotten people that has never has been treated with any respect. (Except for Grant Morrison)

Fade to Black and White, cigarette smoke and tight voice...

I present to you this peculiar situation: A young man, high school years known as Peter Parker, falls in the sewers on his way to a science show, maybe about spiders, is not important because he never makes it, was found by the mutant group commonly referred as the Morlocks.

Pause, inhales cigarette smoke:

Long believed to be extinct their numbers were not what the used to be in order to ad to the ranks they will activate the dormant mutant gene of any person they encounter. Unfortunately for Peter with great powers comes great disfigurement.

After coming to terms with his new situation Peter lives a double life as an introverted, and odd looking teenager who is starting to develop a disturbing obsession with a red headed classmate by the name of Mary Jane Watson and a underground dweller mutant in search for a cure for his spider themed condition.

Short story: Spiderman by way of the movie The Fly.

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Project: Rooftop

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