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Hellbound #2 cover art by Jesse Lonergan


+ Ninth Art Press

by The Boston Comics Roundtable

96 pages ~ $10.00

New England's most disturbed comic creators present a dozen nightmares in black and white: a fiend in the next hospital bed, a comic book that drives men to murder, a plague with feathers, a love-triangle in a cemetery... plus a whole unholy host of demons, psychos and misunderstood monsters. These will be your companions for a cozy evening of blood and gore and over-the-top horror as you snuggle up with the second volume of Hellbound.

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Show and Tell cover art by Dan Moynihan

Show and Tell

Ninth Art Press

by The Boston Comics Roundtable

96 pages ~ $12.00

In these twenty short stories set in and around the classroom, independent comics creators explore the drama and humor of teaching and learning -- or at least trying to teach and learn. From elementary school to college, from the perspectives of teachers and students, these tales touch on some serious issues of education, but their main goal is to make you laugh, cry, or cringe. The book is 96 pages: 91 in elegant black and white, and 5 in glourious full color!

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Inbound #5 cover art by  Ellen T Crenshaw

Inbound #5: The Food Issue

The Boston Comics Roundtable

by The Boston Comics Roundtable

176 pages ~ $12.00

Boston's best and brightest comics artists come together in Inbound 5 to share their reminiscences, fantasies, fears, and love of food. From the deeply personal to the fantastical, this book explores our complex relationship with what we eat. Contributors include: E.J. Barnes, Eric Boeker, Jerel Dye, Franklin Einspruch, Patrick Flaherty, Bob Flynn, Joel Christian Gill, Andrew Greenstone, Danny Gonzalez, Raul Gonzalez, Beth Hetland, Erik Heumiller, Allie Kleber, Braden D. Lamb, Cathy Leamy, Jackie Lee, Jesse Lonergan, Dan Mazur, Mar-T Moyer, Line O, David Ortega, Shelli Paroline, Adrian Rodriguez, Roho, Aya Rothwell, Katherine Roy, Adam Syzm, Laura Terry, Jason Viola, Rebecca Viola, Katherine Waddell, Ryan Wheeler, and Andy Wong.

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Outbound #2 cover art by Marcello Buchelli

Outbound #2

River Bird Studios

by The Boston Comics Roundtable +

120 pages ~ $10.00

New ongoing stories premiering alongside continuing chapters of fan favorite stories from the first issue. Featuring new stories:"The New Kid" by Dan Mazur, with chapter cover by Roho; "The Fallout Parade" by Jesse Lonergan; "Frequency: Breaking the Law of Gravity" by David Alluisi and Brian Boyles, with chapter cover by Jason Baroody; "Robot 11-Three" by Kevin Kilgore, with chapter cover by Chris Ring; "Alkehine's Gun" by Joel Gill and "Driftwood" by Morgan Pielli. Returning stories include: "Space and Time" by Josh Mills, Michael Paoloni, David Marshall, and Roho, with issue cover by Marcello Buchelli; "The Caerulean Dream" by Roho and Kevin Zimmerman, with chapter cover by Randy Valiente; "The Null Device" by David Marshall; "Flek" by Erik Heumiller; "Scientists Gone Wild" by Eric Boeker; and "Black Fuska" by Roho, Dave Myers, and Steve Willhite, with chapter cover by Paul Marquis. Also includes prose fiction: "Tin Cans and a String" by Patrick J. Flaherty, with art by Furman.

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Hellbound #1 Cover by Joel Gill


+ Strange Fruit Comics

by The Boston Comics Roundtable

16 pages ~ $4.00

If you like spooky New England-themed stories, fantastic comics 13 one page stories by Boston Comics Roundtable creators rendered in Red and Black. Also featuring a double page illustration by Aaron Drew.8.5x 11 inch digitally printed color edition.

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Inbound #4 Cover art by Shelly Paroline

Inbound #4: History of Boston

The Boston Comics Rountable

by The Boston Comics Roundtable

144 pages ~ $12.00

The area’s best comics creators choose the most intriguing, bizarre, and baffling stories from five centuries, and bring them to life in words and pictures. It’s a totally unique and entertaining tour through Boston’s past. “This unconventional account of our city’s history brings a diverse cast of Bostonians to life: sports heroes and serial killers; pirates and punk rockers; founding fathers and favorite sons. An unexpected and delightful assortment of Boston lore!” – Jane Clayson, host of WBUR’s “Radio Boston”

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Outbound #1 Cover by Marcelo Buchelli

Outbound #1

River Bird Studios

by The Boston Comics Roundtable +

72 pages ~ $7.00

Outbound contains comics and short stories from a mix of Boston-based creators and artists all over the world, from Australia to South America, including a cover from talented Uruguayan artist Marcelo Buchelli. Each of the comic stories in Outbound #1 will be serialized, with new ongoing stories premiering in each subsequent issue.

// SOLD OUT //

Inbound #3 Cover by Matt Reidsma

Inbound #3: Romance

The Boston Comics Roundtable

by The Boston Comics Roundtable

72 pages ~ $8.00

Love Reign O’er Boston. To celebrate the season of romance, the hard-working comics artists of the Boston Comics Roundtable have released Inbound #3, a Boston Comics Anthology. Cover artist Matt Reidsma and a host of comics storytellers entertain you with our biggest issue yet! Included in this issue: “First Kiss” (Robert Sergel), Franklin Einspruch, “Puppy Love Eternal” (Aya Rothwell), “Fear” Chris O’Neil (Chris O’Neill), “Just an Old Fashioned Zombie Love Song” (Eric Boeker), “Wish Me Luck” (Donna Martinez and Joesph Peters), “Colossa” (Braden Lamb), “An Afternoon Session” (Hyun Supul), “A Winter’s Prelude” (Roho), “The Prince” (Carl Tsui), “From Afar” (Dan Mazur), and “A Gothic Romance” (James Mobius).

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Outlaw Pizza #1 cover art by Roho

Outlaw Pizza #1

River Bird Comics

by Roho

8 pages ~ $3.00 - Black and White

In a world where nothing green grows and 'roaches control the few food resources available a group of ragtag characters come together to bake the ultimate subersive food, the Outlaw Pizza. Black and White.

Preview Pages [ Black and White] [ Color ]

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El Oso cover art by Roho

Moody Melodies #1: El Oso

River Bird Studios

by Roho (Based on a Moris song)

8 pages ~ $2.00

A fable based on the Argentinian song of the same name by Moris. Illustrated in black ink printed on Newsprint with a craft paper cover.

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