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Outbound #2 cover art by Marcello Buchelli

Outbound #2 (+Digital #1)

River Bird Comics

by The Boston Comics Roundtable +

Edited by Roho.

120 pages ~ $10 | Black and White | 5.5 x 8.5 inches

New ongoing stories premiering alongside continuing chapters of fan favorite stories from the first issue. Featuring new stories:"The New Kid" by Dan Mazur, with chapter cover by Roho; "The Fallout Parade" by Jesse Lonergan; "Frequency: Breaking the Law of Gravity" by David Alluisi and Brian Boyles, with chapter cover by Jason Baroody; "Robot 11-Three" by Kevin Kilgore, with chapter cover by Chris Ring; "Alkehine's Gun" by Joel Gill and "Driftwood" by Morgan Pielli. Returning stories include: "Space and Time" by Josh Mills, Michael Paoloni, David Marshall, and Roho, with issue cover by Marcello Buchelli; "The Caerulean Dream" by Roho and Kevin Zimmerman, with chapter cover by Randy Valiente; "The Null Device" by David Marshall; "Flek" by Erik Heumiller; "Scientists Gone Wild" by Eric Boeker; and "Black Fuska" by Roho, Dave Myers, and Steve Willhite, with chapter cover by Paul Marquis. Also includes prose fiction: "Tin Cans and a String" by Patrick J. Flaherty, with art by Furman.

Includes a Digital Copy of Outbound #1!

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