Original Character Design Challenge #5 - Local SuperHero

After wining the last Character Design Challenge at the Ten Ton Studios Forum with my MOMUS Character I have the opportunity to set the rules for the next one, so here it is:

>Original Character Design Challenge #5 - Local SuperHero<

The Original Character Design Challenge! Here are the rules... Design a character(s) based on the short description and research materials provided...that's it! Winner gets to be smug about it, and create the details for the next character! 

DEADLINE: posting will start Wednesday at Midnight, March 9st, 2011 and will go till the Weekend (Friday at Midnight) 

Where every you live (Country, State, City, town, down the bottom the grand canyon) there is crime and a Super hero void, this is your opportunity to help your community. Create a Super Hero that reflect the local culture, tradition and history of the place you live, it could be where you grew up too but let's try to keep it on a place you know and lived in. For extra credit, draw him interaction with your city/town and show he/she belongs there. Think of the reverse way of creating Metropolis for Superman or Gotham City for Batman.

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