24 Hour Comics: VOLF

So my three part plan for 24 Hour Comics was this:

Part 1
Chronicle the event in a 24 page comic to comply with the "official" rules (I did 24 pages but it stopped being around each hour around hour 13 and then I finished the 24 pages at 6:45 am and went home to sleep)

Part 2
Volf a 11x17" illustration using crow quill, Pro-Black ink and brushes. I finished this pretty early, I am doing a comic and animation experiment with this piece.

Part 3
A 8 (later 7) page mini comic base of the song "El Oso", geared towards kids (I don't know if still is).

I finished this around 3 in the morning I think the quality of this is pretty consistent it came out as good as I wanted it to be. Soon to be on sale at the Boston Comic Con (October 24, 25).

So even not completing this with in all the official rules I think it was the most productive 24 hours of my life making comics.

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