"BACK IN TIME" [Ten Ton Sketch Challenge]

The Challenge this week was to come up with new takes on characters changing the time in winch they exist. This is a great idea but it is also been done to death so my main objective here is to come up with original ideas (except for Thor, it was too obvious).  So here is the first batch:
This is the most out there of the three, it's a Italian immigrant in Argentina, who after finding a strange gem (Cyttorak) takes to boxing and finds himself in the wrong side of a bet...On top of his grotesque appearance and huge forearms and fists he seems to be invulnerable to any damage gaining the nickname from the locals of "El Fierro" (or The Iron).

This one was mostly for fun, a straight take on Thor as a dirty, pillaging, viking.

Inspired by Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. After his whole village gets wiped out by the crusades, he is possessed by the Spider God to stop the European's rampage and bring peace to the death.

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